Monday, February 24, 2014

At Home

Yes I can cook on my own, the fact that I can makes me enjoy all the restaurants that I find myself and my soon to be wife in. Not only is cooking at home typically much cheaper, it’s also much healthier.
Stopping by our local Safeway, I was on a mission for dinner. After all, I have to feed the wife. Grouper Steak was on sale, and who can say no to one of South Florida’s healthiest fishes. Two steaks ran me just over seven dollars. With pasta and chopped tomatoes back at the house my mission would be easy.

So, here are the secrets. You’ll want to broil the fish, (by selecting broil on your oven) for about 6 minutes on EACH SIDE. You should always baste the fish in something; I used a mixture of butter, rosemary, and dill weed, plus a little cyan just to add an extra touch. At the same time, I boiled the spaghetti, and then, a mark of my cooking, double cooked it, first simmering the tomatoes, then adding the spaghetti in a medium sauce pan on medium. Double cooking takes your pasta from flat and boring to spectacular.
Finally as you can see, the finished product is ready after about 25-min or so cooking time. I added avocado slices on the side, just because I could. Total meal cost for 2 is under $10.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hiro Maru Sushi

Once upon a time in a little town called "Hollywood", there was the little train that could... deliver of course! And what did that train deliver? Sushi, because its South Florida and we don't need coal here.

You would never know it existed, as the small storefront restaurant is buried in the back of Park Sheridan Plaza, but finding it is certainly better than finding coal, in fact its more like finding gold.

They have some teriyaki available, but really its the sushi you want here and lots of it. They have some of the best in the area and whenever you are in the Emerald Hills part of town this is the place you want to go to, or even better call them for delivery. 954-987-1388. My (future) wife and I call this our second kitchen, and they know us well here.

Our favorites are the JB rolls, filled with salmon, and cream cheese, and the Spicy Salmon rolls, which are filled with, well, spicy salmon goodness. The prices here are very reasonable, and you can expect about at 30 min delivery wait.

They have lunch specials for those who actually still have jobs in South Florida, and a long list of house special rolls. Maybe you'll see us there!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Yes that man in the red bandana had a sword! Drinks are
cheap, TV's are all over and music is diverse and loud.
Looking for a bar where everyone knows your name? Well, maybe that's not here, but everyone, and I do mean everyone is here...

Shenanigan's practices the lost art of a neighborhood bar and this is a bar for the entire neighborhood.

It's original location (there is now a second one), is tucked away in a quiet unassuming part of Hollywood, close to the Emerald Hills area. It's an older bar, in fact it's even grandfathered in to be able to serve until 4am!

Happy hour specials at the bar are the big wins here, with wings and drink specials starting at $5 and even less. On weekends they have the pick of local bands from around the area doing covers and originals, and there is never a cover charge.

This is a come as you are place, and dear readers, you should come.