Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aspaclaria Judaica

They are not shy about saying they are the largest!

The motto is true, “bigger IS better” and what can be better than the “biggest” Judaica store in all of Florida? Well lots of things perhaps, but certainly not a smaller Judaica store. Located in North Miami, just south of the Aventura Mall, on Biscayne Boulevard, Aspaclaria is a ‘mecca’ for local Judaica shoppers. 

A “Jewish” home needs to be a Jewish home, and much in the same way you might go to Ikea or an antique store to get your couches, tables and beds, you need to go (if you are Jewish) to a Judaica store to get your spiritual furniture not just for your home, but for your “spiritual home” as well.

And this is just ONE section of books!

We are called the “people of the book” and just about every prayer book can be found here, and in several languages. Artscroll is the predominate source of literature, but there are many other publishers here as well. There are many books in Hebrew (as there should be) and a fair amount in Spanish as well. Native Spanish speakers will do well here with the bilingual staff; actually they speak Hebrew as well, so perhaps they are tri-lingual. I really do like that they can match the online prices from the Artscroll website. With my love of cooking I am instantly drawn to the many kosher cooking books available.

The large Judaica Selection
Their selection of Jewelry and ritual items is just as large. As you can see in the photo, they stock everything from Kiddush Cups to Candle Holders and beyond. Many of them are in sterling silver, or at least silver plated. These are gifts that you get for generations. They also have many affordable items for those just starting out. 

So for those who live here, and for those who visit, it’s far easier to purchase Judaica items when you actually see them as opposed to going online. Don’t worry I still love ya’.  You can find them at 17900 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33160.

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  1. Would love to buy new yarmulkas for my son. The new ones are so adorable