Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mr. M's Sandwich Sub Shop

With all due respect to Subway, they will NEVER, and I repeat never get the art of making a sandwich just right. While their sandwiches may be adequate for the nutrition needs of supermodels, who eat nothing, for real humans Subway sandwiches are undernourishment meals at best.

Subways are many. Real sub shops in this part of the nation are rare. You could go to New York, or Chicago or Philadelphia or any other large old city and walk into your neighborhood sub shop and 2 minutes later come out with a magnificent sub. Magnificent subs are what Mr. M’s serve. Perhaps Mr. M should be called Mr. Magnificent.

I was introduced to Mr. M’s at my regular Job. (No, I am not a full time blogger – at least yet!). The people at work are ‘old school’ type people. They’re gonna’ chose a real sub shop at every opportunity. So would I. And so should you. What is served here is simply old school subs. The kind you might have had back in the time you lived in Philly or NY or those kinds of places. Thick and rich, with substantially more meats than you would ever find at a subway, or even Publix. Sorry Publix, you do so many things so well, except this. Orders come with standard and fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, oil and vinegar, mayo, mustard and of course meat and cheese. 

Make the trip to anyone of their two destinations, and I promise, you will be converted and you will never willingly go back to subway. You can find one on 1975 Sterling Road in Dania Beach and the other on 3325 South University Drive in Davie.

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